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Love, sun, sands and rocks do sharpen our perception and awareness. Also meditations do. Suddenly, everything is possible, and the persons in Regina Berlinghof's colourful stories stumble into happings they never thought or dreamt of. The time voyager Richard - did he land in the future – or did he arrive at the Neanderthalers? What happens to the party guests when they start to concentrate on the "Third Eye"? Why are Karla's lovers transformed into dressing gowns? How would doglike alien scientists describe the "natives" of our planet? Are computers really the heralds of the doom of our world and why are troubadour love songs associated with the fight for slimming? What kind of transformations do happen during normal tourist trips?

Not stranger in a strange land - but finding one's own in the strange and the strange in one's own. This is the theme of all stories: Regina Berlinghof narrates them humorously, sometimes seriously, sometimes very erotically. They invite the reader to see the world and oneself with different eyes.

Cover Berlinghof: Desert, Love and Computers



Regina Berlinghof
Wüste, Liebe und Computer
Stories (in German)

3. edition 2006
Paperback, 255 Pages,

Euro 14,00 
YinYangMedia Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-9806799-0-9


Regina Berlinghofwas born in 1947 in Freiburg, Germany, and spent her childhood, school and university years (law studies) in Frankfurt am Main. She loves reading, listening to classical music - and loves the desert. Already in school time she started to be interested in history, mainly the Third Reich, Israel and the Arab countries. 
Following lengthy sojourns in Israel and Egypt, a spiritual experience induced her  to begin writing. 
She published her novel "Mirjam. Mary Magdalene and Jesus" 1995 in the WEB (German language). 1997 the hardcover edition followed with Verlag Dietmar Klotz, Eschborn, and in 2004 the pocket book edition.

In 2003 her next novel "Schrödinger's Katharina or Love at the End of the World" was published in YinYing Media Verlag.

Regina Berlinghof is working as free writer and publisher. She is living in Kelkheim near Frankfurt."

Recent Publications:

Mirjam. Maria Magdalena und Jesus. Novel, Verlag Dietmar Klotz, Eschborn1997-2004, 3rd edition as pocket book, 510 pages,
ISBN 3-88074-466-1

Schrödinger's Katharina or Love at the End of the World.
Novel, Kelkheim 2003, Paperback, 260 pp.,  ISBN 3-935727-08-9

Kundry in: Sommerfest, Deutscher Taschenbuchverlag (dtv), München 1993; broadcasted in Süddeutschen Rundfunk, S2 Kultur, 11.5.1997 

Other stories, poems and satires on her homepage:


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